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We.Solve  Digital Solutions

We.Solve ECMS offers a number of application processing solutions, case management solutions and content/document management solutions

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Application Processing Solutions

Although the process and content of the specific applications may vary between agencies the application process includes to a greater or lesser degree (in some cases not applicable) the following:

  • License applications
  • Grants application and management
  • Voter registration applications
  • Identity Card application
  • Recording of approvals
  • Determination of applicant’s eligibility
  • Management of the request
  • Quantities awarded to an individual
  • Total volumes awarded
  • Control of the issued licenses/ awards
  • Collection of revenue
  • Performance reporting

Content & Document Management Solutions

Organisations have a need to manage their content and document across the scope of the organisation. This need is driven firstly by a practical need to be able to manage the creation, distribution, response and retrieval of documents. The need is further driven by the organisations desire for regulatory compliance.

We.solve ecms offers a range of solutions that address an organisations need for effective and efficient content and document management.


We.solve ecms’s solutions include:
  • Correspondence management, distribution and response control management of corporate response specifically in regards to government departments and cabinet memorandums as well as parliamentary questions
  • Records management across the organisation including the application of nars approved file plans.
  • Implementation of intelligent document capture processes that limit human classification and indexing * implementation of taxonomies to enable the categorization of documents
  • Retrieval and viewing of documents
  • Annotation and reviewing of documents
  • Electronic signing of documents

Case Management Solutions

A highly structured, but also collaborative, dynamic, and information-intensive process that is driven by outside events and requires incremental and progressive responses from the business domain handling the case. Examples of case folders include a patient record, a lawsuit, an insurance claim, or a contract, and the case folder would include all the documents, data, collaboration artefacts, policies, rules, analytics, and other information needed to process and manage the case.

WeSolve ECMS offers a number of case management solutions, including:


  • Investigation
  • Complaints Management
  • Incident Reporting
  • Collaboration